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"I LOVE the message that the two of you are using art and music to create change when it comes to social justices, it elevates the message".  


-Olivia Horton 'LIVE! In The Bay' KRON Ch4

Bay Area Native, Tisa T. Peyton began her artistic journey by interning with Oakland’s Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. From an early age, as she realized that producing was one of her passions, she not only embarked on interning with KTVU Ch.2., she was given the opportunity to produce her first commercial for OnLok Senior Health under the direction of Rosy Chu ('Bay Area People' Television Show Host/Exec. Producer). Tisa graduated from Hampton University with a BA in Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism in 2000.

Before heading to the Los Angeles area to pursue her passion for production, she produced, directed, staffed and aired a local Bay Area television show, “Bay 902” under the direction of Hayward Collins (Best known for UnSung Hollywood (feat. Rudy Ray Moore aka "Dolemite"), What's Happening! & 'Checkmates' stage play starring Denzel Washington. She then was asked to Assistant Direct and Executive Produce the film 'Compton 902911' starring Fred Berry, Rudy Ray Moore, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Kym Whitley, Luenell & Coolio. Being impressed with her producing prowess, Hayward introduced her to Willard Pugh aka "Harpo" (best known for Steven Spielberg’s 'The Color Purple'). She assisted Willard in a Drug Free education initiative project where she was truly enamored with the focus of educating youth on adhering to healthy lifestyles while not falling prey to the peer pressures of drug use.


While being in the Bay Area, she received a golden opportunity to work on the 2001 Prince 'Hit & Run' Tour. Prince’s Manager Bille Sparks and Charles DeBow, Prince’s National Marketing Director and Special Coordinator for the National Black Chamber of Commerce (Washington D.C.), allotted Tisa 100 concert tickets to disperse through an online ticketing events portal


Soon thereafter, Tisa received the opportunity to work in Los Angeles at CBS TV City and landed a most monumental experience of being the only female of color in the Director’s Booth of the LIVE television show, 'Real Time with Bill Maher' on HBO. Although Tisa’s adrenaline was high from keeping the time in live tv, she knew that there was a higher calling for her life. While at CBS, she began honing in on her Voice Artistry craft and soon left HBO and headed back to the Bay Area to pursue her own dreams.


Tisa, The Multimedia Sound Whispering ARTivist created the Comic Animation Feature,'"TYNOMITE!!" & The LOVERevolution' and is elatedly grateful to share her gifts with our world. She truly believes that our hearts will lead us to a power within us that is greater than we could ever imagine. If we believe in ourselves and follow that passion, ALL of our dreams will come true. Although we have a myriad of dreams, our souls came here to be aligned in LOVE. FREEDOM is our souls’ birthright. When we believe in our TRUTHS to the highest power, ANYTHING is possible! LOVE is the master KEY. The time is NOW that we align our souls as ONE ~ Healing Planet Earth and ascending to our Highest Power of Peace, Light & LOVE!

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“I’m sorry. There is no easy way to tell you this. Given the degree of your spinal cord injury, you will probably never walk again.” -Doctor 1.6.2002

Receiving this news at any age at any point in your life would be devastating. These are the words Krystina Wray Jackson heard at the tender age of 19 after she fractured her C-4/C-5 vertebrae snowboarding in Northern California. During the time of her injury, Krystina was in hot pursuit of a thrilling career as a professional soccer player. She was a sophomore in college majoring in Creative Writing with the dream of traveling the world playing soccer and writing all about her adventures.With her teenage dreams shattered and her life seemingly on hold, Krystina entered ‘the darkest period’ of her life. During this time she struggled with depression, thoughts of suicide and when or if she would ever go back to school again.

After years of struggle, in 2014 the Pennsylvania native thanks in part to Oprah Winfrey, stumbled upon a book by Spiritual Teacher, Eckhart Tolle. She credits Mr. Tolle's book, The Power of Now for dramatically changing the trajectory of her life and bringing much-needed peace and serenity. With a newfound gentler approach to life grounded in Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Defenselessness and Non-judgment, Krystina began to put the pieces of her life back together. 


Krystina Wray Jackson, former Ms. Wheelchair CA., is a Filmmaker, Comic Book Writer , Comedian and ARTivist. She lived in the Northern CA Bay Area for her early years and is currently traveling the world living out her dreams. As an ARTivist, Ms. Jackson uses Art in the service of Social Justice issues to create a more HUMAN-Focused Future. Film and television are the artists favorite mediums due to the ability to reach audiences all over the world. Her latest film collaboration with co-creator and partner, Tisa T. Peyton and San Francisco  base startup Augmental Tech recently was honored at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Their short film won the ‘Innovation Grand Prix' and a 'Silver Lion' in Health & Wellness.  The groundbreaking documentary film unveils Augmental Techs new ‘Mouth-pad’, a navigational device. 


Today Krystina is thrilled to be utilizing her unique gifts and experiences to serve the communities that matter to her. She combines her love for film and advocacy to help realize the goal of Liberty and Justice for ALL.

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